The cruise from Kew to Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court

Hampton Court Palace was built in 1515 by Cardinal Wolesey and presented to King Henry VIII in 1529. This tudor palace houses a large collection of orginal arms, armour, tapestries and fine paintings. It is famous for its gardens, maze and the Great Vine, planted in 1769.

The round trip from London to Hampton Court Palace is a day out in itself. If you wish to make more than a short visit to the palace we suggest you take the one way trip and return with British Rail. This is very easy to do as the Station lays just the other side of Hampton Court Bridge and every half an hour a train departs for London (Waterloo).

Certainly the most interesting and scenic part of the trip is between Kew and Hampton Court Palace, transit the locks at Richmond and Teddington as the river increasingly winds and twists, look out for fishing herons among the willows of the picturesque natural embankments.

Other sights and landmarks are: -