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Approximate Journey Times

The times below represent a one-way journey. All times displayed below are approximate times, our journey times can vary depending on tidal conditions, river traffic & Richmond & Teddington Locks.

From Westminster Pier
To Kew Pier 1-Hour & 30-Minutes*
To Richmond Landing Stage 2-Hours*
To Hampton Court 3-4 Hours*


From Kew Pier
To Westminster Pier 1-Hour & 30-Minutes*
To Richmond Landing Stage 30-45 Minutes*
To Hampton Court 1-Hour & 30-Minutes - 2-Hours*


From Richmond Landing Stage
To Westminster Pier 2-Hours*
To Hampton Court 1-Hour & 15 Minutes*
To Kew Pier 30-45 Minutes*


From Hampton Court Landing Stage
To Richmond Landing Stage 1-Hour & 15-Minutes*
To Kew Pier 1-Hour & 30-Minutes - 2-Hours*
To Westminster Pier 3-4 Hours*


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Cockney Sparrow

The Cockney Sparrow was built in 1976 at Eel Pie Island. She is a two level boat with a deceptively large enclosed saloon and an open top deck. 


M.V Connaught was built by Salter Brothers of Oxford in 1911 & has been cruising between Westminster, Kew, Richmond & Hampton Court for over 100 years. Connaught regularly operates on our services & is also available for private charters.

Princess Freda

Princess Freda was built in 1926 by T.C. Letcher on the Isle of Wight, and has been restored to a particularly high standard.